How to downsize into a tiny home in six weeks with zero stress!

This workbook explains exactly how to decide what to keep, what to toss and how to get organized, so that moving into your tiny home will be smooth, easy and stress-free!


Hey you gorgeous thang!

Would you love to make the move into a tiny home but feel totally overwhelmed? Not sure where to begin de-cluttering and unsure what you will need in your small space? What to do with all those books and photos which you can’t bare to part with, and the kitchen gadgets?.. agggh!

We hear you. So many of you have told us that  your dreams are on hold for ‘one day’ because you simply don’t know where to begin, which is heartbreaking. You only have one life- lets get this thing sorted once and for all!

'The trouble is, you think you have time'- buddha

What will I receive?

This attractively presented printable workbook is full to overflowing with hints, tips and ideas on how to easily downsize and get ready for your move. Some of our customers have even used it for a regular move with great results. Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • -Motivation. Why do you want to downsize?
  • -Items that can be offload immediately and easily
  • -How to detach from your belongings and get really ruthless!
  • -What to do with things you can’t bear to part with
  • -Whether to sell, donate or store items
  • -How to sort and store important papers
  • -Consider personal spaces for each person in your tiny homeDiscuss storage options, ideas and how much each person really needs
  • -and much, much more!

Includes a bonus chapter on projecting and setting a realistic budget once you are in your tiny home. We cover income, outgoings and how to save for the things you really want. (overseas travel, anyone? Yeee!)

What can I expect?

  • -Small, practical daily steps that are easy to implement and will get you to your goal, FAST.
  • -A 6-week calendar to follow and tick off as you achieve each small step, and to view upcoming tasks.
  • -Space to write lists so that you keep all your ideas together.
  • -All presented in a neat, (small, lightweight!!) book that you can print and refer back to in future.


‘This workbook was just what I needed to get organized before my move. It had heaps of info and great ideas and I can happily say I’m now living in my tiny home with everything I need and nothing I don’t! Highly recommended.’

Gillian Adams- Acton, UK.

‘Loved this cool little book with its super easy steps! Doing a tiny bit each day made moving into the van easy. It feels awesome not having much stuff now! The extra chapter on planning your money was helpful to! Thanks Dust! xo’

Sam Blair- Ivanhoe, Australia.


This detailed workbook usually retails for $AU59, however it is now available absolutely FREE as a thank you to our amzing community, because we wouldn’t be here without YOU Red Heart on EmojiOne 3.1



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