Zero electricity manual food processor, perfect for tiny living!


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Personal recommendation! I’m a terrible cook. I dislike cooking and the clutter of junk that sits in most kitchens collecting dust. This nifty little gadget however has been one if the best things I’ve bought for our tiny home. It is so versatile, takes up very little space and best of all- uses zero electricity! I originally bought it to make baby puree but I’ve also used it to make nut butters, guacamole, dumplings, fritters, spring rolls, banana ice cream, finely chopped salads, chopped herbs,  omlettes- it’s so useful!

Made from food grade BPA-free plastic and stainless steel. The 5 blades are super sharp and nylon pull cord is very strong. Also comes with a whipping attachment that makes great pancake batter, whipped cream etc.

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Stainless steel + ABS


Manual Vegetable Food dicer


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