Minimalist living on the road: A love story..

Minimalist living on the road brings with it a certain simplicity. It also ignites a deep primal desire to explore what the world has to offer. These are some of the reasons we adore minimalist living on the road: a love story..

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The first golden light gently filters through the trees and paints the bedroom walls in soft watercolour. Wifey is snuggled in, warm and safe beside her lover in their comfortable double bed.

Their baby is sound asleep, oblivious to the break of day. His older brothers are out to it, slumbering as only teenagers do.

The bush is alive with birds of all descriptions. Their day has well and truly begun and they greet each other with a cacophony of warbling, cheeping and occasional raucous squark. The only other noise is the steady babble of a nearby rocky creek. No traffic, no human chatter, no construction, no aeroplanes.

The cool winter air carries on it the scent of fresh eucalypt, and hints of smoke from last night’s fire. Wifey is up, brewing fresh coffee and toasting homestyle bread on the little gas stove. Baby begins to stir and she gathers him from his cosy crib, keen to savour the peace and quiet for just a little longer.

By the time baby is fed, Hubby is up gathering firewood for the small indoor wood heater, and larger pieces for the outside fire. Wifey wipes baby clean and hands him to his Daddy before collecting the empty water drums. She takes a walk down to the creek and fills the drums with icy cold, crystal clear mountain water. She enjoys the simplicity of minimalist living. The water glitters in the sunlight as the last of the fog unveils another spectacular day. A low bellow of cattle can be heard in the distance, as she sloshes her way back to the tiny home.

After breakfast they pack and store everything away, give the floors a quick sweep and fire up the engine of the old bus- today they are moving on. They have been in this place for 6 days and are slowly heading north to discover what new adventures await. The older boys rub their eyes and yawn as they strap themselves into their seats. The air tanks are full; they are ready to roll. They move off slowly, in respect of the lovely place they have been staying, and to avoid shaking up the contents of their home too much.

Books are open and the children begin their studies for the day. Baby ‘reads’ a book to join in with his brothers. Every now and then they take a break to look at the passing scenery. One of them notices a young wombat, bounding along like an animated tree stump. There is much commotion and laughter as they watch the funny looking creature bounding toward its burrow.

They travel for a couple of hours before stopping for lunch. Wifey prepares wraps of fresh cherry tomato and greens, grown on the warm hothouse-like dash of the bus, along with delicious home-made hommus. They picnic in the warm sun and baby discovers a trail of caterpillars. Fascinated, he calls out. Woo woOOo! Hubby gestures to baby not to touch, and then scoops him up to show him where the creatures are headed: up the trunk of a nearby tree. They go back to the dirt and watch for a little while. Wifey smiles at the sight of Hubby and baby, both crouched down, intrigued by the furry caterpillars. The minimalist life is never boring.

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After a decent break they are off again, this time with loud reggae music billowing from the bus. Another hour or so passes and they make a detour to a picnic area off the main road. They are in a mountain pass and there is a spectacular lookout just beyond the picnic ground. The area is quiet, the scenery breathtaking. The bus is level and they decide to stop there in the large empty carpark for the night.

It is early afternoon, and the older boys are keen to explore. Hubby grabs his jacket and joins them for a walk. Wifey settles baby for a nap, positions herself in a sunny corner on the bed and pulls out the computer to do some work. She loves this simple life. She ponders how lucky she is to be able to work while traveling. A hand-crafted sign that she made which hangs on the bedroom wall catches her eye. It says: ‘Simplify’.

That evening after dinner they take turns snuggling and reading with baby before wifey tucks him in for the night. He sleeps well being so close to nature. From the large picture window in his room, the silhouette of several old gnarly trees can be seen against the deep purple-blue of last light.

Wifey hangs up some clothing to dry while Hubby stokes the wood heater. They chat for a while, enjoying the fire and each others company. Hubby then heads to the front of the bus, tools in hand to fix some wiring which has come loose. Wifey retreats to her small office in their bedroom and works for a while longer.

A steaming hot shower awaits her when she is done. As she stands there in the soft glow cast by the solar fairy lights, feelings of gratitude wash over her. She is so thankful for the months of hard work Hubby put in to turn their bus into a cosy home. It has everything they need, and he crafted it all himself by hand. Right at that moment Hubby pops his head around the corner with a bright grin. The shower is just big enough for two, and he jumps in as well.

From their bed, surrounded by windows on three sides they can see the myriad stars of the Milky Way. The moon is but a sliver tonight and the odd shooting star blazes brightly across the night sky. Outside it is icy but inside the well insulated home is toasty warm. Hubby and Wifey discuss their next overseas expedition. Living on the road with no mortgage allows them to travel more often, which is their favourite thing to do.

Life is good. They have love, great company, no debt and the future looks bright. Wifey snuggles in close to her man and drifts off to sleep, excited about what the future holds. This is a typical day on the road for a minimalist lifestyle family. THIS is why they love what they do.

Wifey hopes she has inspired some of you to get out and live your dreams 😉

Much love,

Dust X

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