At the moment we live in a bus and travel around Australia following the sun. Something we both wanted to do and it’s been an absolute blast! Nothing has been intrinsically difficult. As with any desire, the hardest step is making the decision to go for it, and then working out the ‘how’ as you go along. And that’s not difficult when you have itchy feet and a love of adventure.

This is just one of the many types of living arrangements we want to experience. At some point we want to bicycle tour/ live on the road, sail around Australia on a catamaran for a year or two, build a stationery tiny home on a quiet block of land and turn a 4×4 truck into a camper.

There is absolutely no reason we can’t do these things. You don’t need to be a zillionaire, just have a plan, make the decision to go for it and find creative ways to make them happen!

Current location

This map shows our current location and some of the places we have been in our beloved bus, Molly.



This is our ‘Molly’ the day we picked her up. In a previous life she was a Childrens’ school bus commissioned in Kempsey, NSW and belonged to the ‘Busways’ fleet.

When we purchased Molly, she was still in service and we were confident she was in great condition for her age. All registered NSW school buses must pass strict safety and mechanical inspections twice a year due to the precious cargo they carry.

Over the past year my awesome husband Jack and I have stripped and gutted the bus and slowly turned it into our new home, building everything  by hand. It’s a work in progress, and although there is a lot of cosmetic things still to do all of the structural jobs are just about done. We have had a bunch of unexpected hold-ups and family matters to take care of but finally we are very close to moving in permanently and couldn’t be happier!!

In the coming weeks I will be creating a gallery of the progress of our bus to share with you.

Until then, happy travels!

Dust. X


On the 18th of August (about 3 weeks ago) we finally went ‘full time’ in our bus, and haven’t looked back! We did a 4000+km road trip to Victoria and back via the Snowy Mountains, and couldn’t bare to go back to our boring house in a crappy suburb- so we didn’t. It was a bit of a leap of faith as there are still a few things to do to make her ‘livable’, but we have made do just fine. Our washing machine decided to give up the ghost just as we moved in. Luckily a dear friend gave us one she wasn’t using and it’s literally plonked in between the seats in the bus at the moment! I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks already, I have a feeling a year will tick by in no time 🙂

Dust X


As expected, a year flew by! We’ve had so many incredible adventures in our dear old Molly and thoroughly enjoyed life on the road. We have no plans to stop travelling any time soon! Below are some photos of places we have visited over the past year..

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Vicki Bryant
Vicki Bryant

Hi Dust,
Just wandering if you are heading to south west Victoria soon ~ we would love to meet you. We are on 5 acres with a deep creek out back & you can free camp here for a while if you like. Let me know ~ please call me as I don’t check for emails xxxx xxx xxx

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