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Join us at the official ‘Wanderlustdust’ Facebook page to follow our adventures, mishaps and mayhem on the road in Australia and while overseas. Take a peek into daily life in a Tiny Home on Wheels and learn about how we are doing our bit to avoid trashing our beautiful Earth.

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Our Facebook group is ‘The Coolest Tiny Homes on Wheels-Worldwide!’ If you live or would love to live in a THOW, join our fun community for drool-worthy tiny home inspiration, advice and ideas on how to set up your very own tiny home on wheels. We also discuss minimalism and how to care for the environment while living on the road.


We hang out in Pinterest a lot! Come join us and check out our boards. We share gorgeous pics of Tiny Home on Wheels conversions, floor plans, how to find work perfect for on the road, eco living, minimalism, how to downsize, gift ideas and much, much more.


Follow us on Instagram for amazing pics of our tiny home life, where in the world we are right now, life on the road with a toddler and other crazy business!

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