The 9 hottest gifts right now for Tiny-Home-on-Wheels dwellers

Looking for gifts for Yourself or one of your   #TinyHomies ?   (<- that’s a neat hashtag I just registered to WanderlustDust and was itching to try it out haha!)

We have lived full time in our Tiny Home on Wheels (THOW) for almost 18 months now, and have a pretty good idea of what works, what takes up too much space and what is a waste of money.

Tiny home dwellers are after compact, functional gifts that make road-life easier. Most have figured out that less is more, and quality is king. Here are the 9 hottest gifts right now for Tiny-Home-on-Wheels dwellers that they are guaranteed to LOVE.

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This fabulous post may contain affiliate links for which we receive a small commission at no extra cost to you, should you decide to purchase anything. This helps keep food in our bellies and fuel in the tank. I only recommend products or services that we totally dig ourselves. Thanks for your support!

WanderlustDust vanlife gift present ideas

1. Stove/ sink combo unit

This Dometic sink and LPG stove combo unit is the ultimate in compact convenience, and is small enough to fit into the tiniest space. It’s stainless steel design makes it easy to clean, and two separate tempered glass covers provide precious extra bench space when not in use.

WanderlustDust present gift idea christmas

2. 12v/ 120 watt solar panel kit

This kit is an excellent first solar setup for your tiny home, and depending on the size of your batteries and what you wish to run, may well be all you need. We started with this kit, a small AGM battery and an ancient car battery, salvaged from a wrecked car. It was enough to run our RV refrigerator, shower & sink pumps and charge laptops, ipad and phones. Kit contains panels, wiring and control panel. (Batteries sold separately.)

WanderlustDust present gift idea christmas

3. GPS navigation map & vehicle dimensions

This Garmin GPS navigation map is a brilliant addition to a Tiny Home on Wheels. Not only can you load offline maps and track your location via satellite, this model allows you to enter the exact dimensions of your vehicle and recommend places that you can fit into, and avoid those you can’t. Particularly useful and time saving if, like us, you have a large vehicle with not-so-great maneuverability . Find out ahead of time if you can physically get into and out of a national parks carpark for example.

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WanderlustDust christmas present gift idea

4. Manual box awning sun shelter

Protection from the sun in the Australian summer is absolutely vital. It can get raging hot inside a camper if you don’t have the luxury of air-conditioning. A place to escape and catch the breeze can be the difference between a pleasant stopover, and a very uncomfortable one.

WanderlustDust present gift christmas ideas

5. 1000W 12v pure sine wave inverter

Very basically, an inverter turns power from solar or vehicle batteries into usable power for household appliances. For example- your phone can run directly from a vehicle battery via the cigarette lighter plug, but a regular household TV or washing machine cannot. A pure sine wave inverter produces the ‘smoothest’ power output, and protects your appliances against a surge.

Downsizing to hit the road full time? Wondering what and how much clothing to take? Read this: How to decide what clothing to take when downsizing into a tiny home on wheels.

WanderlustDust christmas present gift idea

6. Coleman hot water on demand all-in-one

For a full time roadie, a hot shower at the end of the day is priceless. This brilliant little unit is so compact that you can still enjoy a steaming shower, even if you live in a car! Lightweight, portable and fully self contained, with no heavy LPG bottles to lug around.

WanderlustDust gift idea Christmas present

7. Yamaha 3000W silent inverter generator

Brilliant for cloudy or rainy days when the solar panels can’t collect enough power. A good quality generator is an essential back up if you want true off-grid self sufficiency. This whisper quiet model is grunty enough to run a washing machine or air conditioner without producing (and wasting) excess power.

Downsizing? Overwhelmed with where to begin? We got your back. Be sure to keep an eye out for the new e-book coming soon:

‘How to downsize into a tiny home on wheels in two weeks with ZERO stress.’

WanderlustDust vanlife road life gift present

8. Sea to Summit lightweight compact cooking set

Regular cookware is heavy and can take up a lot of precious space. This brilliant set from Sea to Summit packs away to almost nothing and is perfect for life on the road. Pots come with 4 bowls and insulated mugs with lids.

WanderlustDust 12/24v RV vanlife road life

9. 12/24v, 80L freezer, 64L fridge RV drawer set

The perfect compact fridge/ freezer combo for your Tiny Home on Wheels. European quality with slide out drawers for easy access and maximum use of space. Specifically designed for RV life, the freezer capacity is slightly larger than the fridge, allowing meal pre-planning for off grid adventure.

So there you have it. the 9 hottest gifts for  #TinyHomies  right now! If you liked this article please save and share. You can also check out this list of 50 gifts under $50 for tiny home life.

Until next time, happy travels and a very merry Christmas to you 🙂

Dust xx

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