50+ awesome work ideas for living on the road full time!

Do you dream of hitting the road and leaving the 9-5 grind far, far behind?

Fed up with working your butt off for peanuts, only to fuel someone else’s dream?

Wondering how you could pay the bills while balancing a comfortable lifestyle?

You are not alone!!

The thing that holds people back more than anything else is fear of leaving a stable job and trying to make money on the road. Well today you are in luck! We have compiled 50+ awesome work ideas for living on the road full time, and you are bound to find something that you love!

The great news is that it’s easier now than ever before to find free education on how to do literally anything, thanks to google. Many new ventures can be started with little outlay, so even if you’re flat broke or up to your eyeballs in debt, (as we were), you can start something new if you want to badly enough. Weekly living costs on the road are significantly less than in a house, which makes it easier to cover your expenses.

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From personal experience, I can’t stress how important it is to do something you love. If you are in a job for the cash but you don’t really enjoy what you do, sooner or later your energy will fizzle out. Your passion is what drives you each day to get up and keep going because lets be honest- trying to get motivated to do something you don’t enjoy is crappy.

Today I want to share our awesome compilation of interesting ideas specifically for those who dream of working on the road full-time. Some are working for others and some are self employment ideas. Some are professional positions and others are fun gigs. This list is in two parts- Semi mobile and fully mobile. Depending on your lifestyle you may be parked up for weeks or even months at a time, or, you may up and move more frequently. So lets get to it and find an exciting new way to make a living on the road so you can leave the 9-5 in your bus-dust!


-Seasonal fruit/veg picking. Done this. It’s hard work but fun and a great way to meet people!

-Resort/hotel/hostel work. Do you fancy waking up on a tropical beach or ski field knowing that you have free accommodation and food, all while being paid to meet interesting people from all over the world? This could be your gig!

-Tour boat deck hand. If you can swim, love the water and have a strong stomach this is a fun way to meet people and save up some fuel money.

-Seasonal barista/chef/bar/wait staff. Every season there are many jobs calling for bar & waitstaff. Be pre-prepared with any licences you need and you will most likely walk straight into a job.

-Seasonal farm work- muster, shearing, drafting etc. If you have experience (sometimes not required) you can often find seasonal work on farms. Word of mouth is your best bet or hang a flyer on the public noticeboard in the nearest town.

-DJ/ busking/ traveling musician. Friends of mine are professional musicians and toured Australia for two years doing this and booking gigs ahead of time.

-Sell arts/crafts at local markets. With the right products, this can be a great way to make some quick cash! Go for unique hand made items or stick with perennial items that people always want.

-Mobile welding. Most trades can be made mobile if you have your own equipment and a trailer or somewhere to work from. Think plumbing, computer tech, electrician- anything really! Working for yourself always has the potential to make good income.

-Mobile dog washing. I’ve done this as well. Great way to earn easy cash!

-Mural painter. Approach local businesses and offer your services. Do letter-box drops in higher-end parts of town (where people have money to spare for wants v’s needs) and advertise online. A unique mural on the lounge-room wall is a great showpiece. Have a visual diary or better still a website showcasing previous work.

-Lawn mowing/ garden maintenance/ rubbish removal. Always in demand, pretty much anywhere!

-Upscale old furniture to sell. Done this to! You can find awesome treasures in excellent condition at roadside pick-up. Give it a coat of paint in a funky colour, add a distressed finish and voila! Unique piece which can be sold for good money!

-Card readings at markets/festivals. People love these services and pay in cash.

-Job agency temp work in almost any field. Contact a local agency when you arrive or phone ahead. They will usually have a list of companies needing temporary staff from a few days up to a year or more. Experience is often needed but not always.

-Mobile hairdressing/ beauty/ nail technician/ massage therapist. More mobile trade ideas. If you have a skill or trade it can often be taken on the road with you!

-Toenail cutting service for the infirm. I know someone who did this and made a killing! Certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but a gross job demands a high fee and is usually cash!

-Catalogue/ newspaper delivery. Pay is on the low side and conditions can be crappy depending on the weather and distance you have to walk, however it’s great exercise and a no-brainer job.

-Babysitting. Great if you have an up-to-date police record you can show, along with excellent references with contact details. Be upfront and let parents know you travel and babysit. Advertise ahead of time on local buy swap sell pages and mention police clearance/great references.

Vehicle washing/detailing. Always in demand. Branch into caravan/ RV/ motorhome cleaning and you’re onto a winner!

-Window washing. Advertise on local buy swap sell pages ahead of time with your rates and phone number. You can also do flyer drops in letterboxes or head to an over 50’s village and offer your services. Word of mouth works well for this job.

-House or fence painting. Hard work, good cash. People are happy to pay for something that they don’t have time for.

-Gurney driveways/ house washing. Another job that home owners are happy to pay for as they often don’t have time.

-Collect cans and bottles. A lot of people enjoy a beer at the end of the day, especially the road-life crowd. If you have space, collecting these can be a great side-hustle! Approach cafes and restaurants and ask them to keep cans & bottles aside for you. Trade them at the recyclers for some quick cash.

-Breed small dogs/ kittens. Depending on your space and time, this may be a viable option. There are strict laws in place which must be adhered to for the welfare of the animals, and licences are required. Best if you have previous experience prior to hitting the road.

-Firewood cutting/selling. Cut up firewood on peoples properties or source your own and sell via facebook buy swap sell pages.

-Dog walking service. Make $$ while getting some fresh air and exercise.

-Help the elderly set up mobile phones /laptops /televisions etc. Many people, especially the elderly are a bit overwhelmed with new technology and will happily pay for someone to set things up the way they want them.

-Farm sitting. Farmers rarely get a chance to take a holiday because there are so many daily jobs which need doing. If you have experience you can make good money by taking over the farm and it’s chores for a week or two. This often attracts free accommodation as well.

-Tutoring. Use your skills to help students with homework or extra intensive work where they need help. Tutoring can also be done remotely, so this could be a fully mobile option.

-Become an Uber driver. Drive people from A to B for a profit. If you own a motorhome or bus with spare seats and beds, offer a festival or nature tour/road trip  for which people pay an amount per person. This covers their fuel & accommodation, possibly meals and drinks depending on how much work you want to do.

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-Rent out your home if you are an owner/ mortgagee. Please do your homework, research research research your letting agent and check that your insurance fully covers you.

-Make jewellery to sell online. Jewellery is a perennial favourite which women will never tire of. Sell online, at markets or to people you meet while traveling. A good ‘stock’ business as Jewellery doesn’t take up a lot of space.

-Travel photographer. Take beautiful pictures while traveling and write it all off on tax. Yes please!

-Company rep for RV related products which you can sell on the road.

-Graphic designer. Highly sought after more than ever and can be fully mobile.

-Web designer. If you have the skills this profession can be done anywhere.

-Face painting at festivals/markets. I have a friend who does this and makes great money! All you need is some quality face paint and an artistic streak.

-Crochet/sew and sell online. Etsy is your friend! Crochet, knitting and sewing are dying crafts and people LOVE hand made items. Great quality work attracts great prices.

-Busking/ street performance. This probably won’t make you a millionaire but will get you some food and fuel money and it is loads of fun!

-Translator. Perhaps not as ‘in demand’ in your own country, but there are online positions which allow you to work as a translator remotely if you are fluent in a second language.

-Social media manager. This profession is becoming increasingly in demand. If you are interested in teaching yourself there is excellent money to be made.

-Virtual assistant. Great VA’s are well sought after and will continue to be as more and more people work for themselves.

-Blogging. Currently doing this! It takes time and endless hours of hard work to gain a following and start making money. Bloggers don’t make money from their writing per se. but from advertising and affiliate sales, and building online products such as courses. Totally worth it if you love to write and share your experiences.

-Write a book/ ebook. Now easier than ever as anyone can self publish a book on Amazon.

-T.shirt business. Not the cheapest start-up option however it is loads of fun. There are companies who can print your designs in bulk at good prices now which may be a good option until you can afford a quality t.shirt printer.

-Drop-shipping. This is selling an item to a customer, but it is shipped directly from your supplier to the customer. You are essentially a middle man collecting a profit for selling the companies goods. A great option if you have no room to keep stock.

-Amazon affiliate. A bit like drop-shipping. You promote and sell the products on behalf of Amazon, they ship the item and you receive a commission.

-Mobile customer service rep. Many companies allow people to work remotely rather than from a call centre. You will need a reliable phone and internet service.

-Baked goods. Sell directly from your van/ motorhome/ bus/ RV to others you meet or at local markets & stalls. Please check local food safety laws in your area.

-Podcast. Start a podcast on an interesting topic. When you have regular weekly listeners, approach companies for sponsorship.

-Metal detecting. I’m told there is good money to be made by chasing gold or combing the beaches for jewellery. There is also a lot of satisfaction to be had in tracking down the owner of a beloved piece of jewellery that has been inscribed, and sometimes they will offer a reward.

-Breeding and selling small pets. Mice, rats, crickets, spiders- all of these are sourced by pet stores. Be sure to research local laws and have any licences required.

-Mobile coffee van. Another fantastic option to work from your mobile home. Again, check local food safety standard laws in your area. A good way to make decent cash. Simple ‘no work required’ add-ons such as canned soft drinks and pre-packaged biscuits work well with a coffee van.

We hope you have enjoyed our collection of 50+ awesome work ideas for living on the road full time! This is by no means an exhaustive list. Are you already living the dream and doing something that we haven’t mentioned? We’d love to hear from you below! As always if you have any other thoughts or questions, we’d love to hear from you 🙂

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Until next time, happy travels!

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