Stomp on your fear and use these tools to give your boring job the flick and travel the world

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‘Stomp on your fear and use these tools to give your boring job the flick and travel the world.’

If you’re here, it’s safe to say that you are looking for something more in life. You would love to be one of those people who travels the word, takes amazing roadtrips and wakes up in incredibly beautiful far off exotic locations. You don’t nesecarily need to travel 5-star all the way (but every once in a while is a YES!) and you are searching for an authentic experience.


My goal with Wanderlustdust, and in life in general is to teach beautiful people such as yourself that you CAN get out of the ratrace and live a magical life. This is my passion and I truly want to help as many people as I can to realise their dreams.

You will find Wanderlustdust a little different to most travel blogs. My aim is to empower and encourage you, with the best tools available, to trade a crappy mundane existence for a magical life of adventure and excitement.


Unless you have been living with zero technology in the middle of nowhere, you (we) have ALL been brainwashed to some degree about how we should live.

Are you slaving away day in-day out, making rubbish money in a job you HATE for a company that doesn’t value you? Do you live for the weekend? Maybe you numb yourself out on alcohol or drugs, go for some ‘retail therapy’ then lay around on facebook and instagram until monday morning drags itself around again. Is it really living, and are you truly HAPPY?

Whenever I talk to people about our next upcoming adventure, I almost always get the same reaction.

‘ You are sooo lucky! I wish I could do that.’

My reply is always the same. ‘You can’.

Pretty much everybody says they would love to throw it all in to see the world, but they can’t imagine how. It feels like an impossible dream that only a select few are entitled to. The thing that holds most ‘closet adventurers’ back is that deep down they are scared. Scared that they won’t be able to afford it and scared that something terrible will happen to them overseas. It all feels too hard, and they end up settling for much less than what their heart yearns for.

A bit of my story.

Im a huge believer that adversity is an absolute blessing in disguise. It forces you to evaluate what’s important in life. It makes you grow and learn and pushes you right out of your comfort zone.

I was born into a long line of alcoholics. At a young age my brothers and I were abandoned by my mother. When I was 30, my baby brother died suddenly and with no reason. Following that I left a horrible marriage and lived in poverty with my two small children for too many years.

The death of my little brother hit me HARD. He was a healthy 26-year old man one day, and dead the next. Autopsies revealed nothing, only to say that there was no evidence of murder, suicide or drugs. For weeks I struggled to claw my way out of the horror of what had happened. Although I didn’t find him dead, I had flashbacks of the description that my poor Aunt gave when she found him. I was deeply depressed and didn’t know how to deal with my feelings. I began drinking, but thought better of it because it was a road I did not want to go down.

One night after putting my babies to bed, I was sitting on the verandah in the dark with tears streaming down my face. Out of nowhere a voice said to me ‘look for the light’. Yah. It was a voice in my head. Or perhaps a voice in my heart. Either way I couldn’t ‘un-hear’ it and I began to look for things to be grateful for.

It was difficult at first. What could I possibly find to be grateful for about my brothers’ death? I thought back to his childhood, and what a gorgeous baby he had been. This made me smile. Yes, I was grateful for those beautiful memories. He was a gentle giant and always looked out for the kids in school who were being bullied. I was grateful for that also. Each new thought bought more gratitude and after a week or so eventually the silver lining. My darling brother had so much he wanted to do in life, but never had the opportunity to do them. I owed it to him, and to myself, to get out and live the best life possible! I would no longer settle for mediocre.

I don’t tell you these things for pity (which is a complete waste of time), but because I want to show you that if I can turn my life around into something incredible, then you can to!!! You really, truly, hand-on-heart can!

After the decision to make the most of every moment, my life changed dramatically. I left my horrible marriage, joined the army, got a truck licence, learned how to fly a plane and began travelling overseas for the first time. A couple of years later while travelling, I met and fell in love with the most amazing man, remarried and had another baby. We bought a bus which is now our home, we are (in the process of) selling our house and will be debt-free in the near future. We gave away almost all of our belongings and are the happiest we’ve ever been. Life is good. Actually life is GREAT!! Our future is one of adventure travel and road trips. I have started this wee website and my sweet husband is planning on renovating buses into tiny homes. These activities will bring in enough money to travel. Our cost of living is very low now, and we are no longer enslaved to the drudgery of a ‘regular’ job.

You know, you don’t need to go through what I did to realise that life is meant to be enjoyed. You were not put here to pay bills and die!!

It all comes down to priorities. How badly do you want to experience all of the magic that this beautiful planet has to offer? If you are serious about making your dreams come to life then you must go out and make it happen yourself, because ain’t nobody gonna do it for you.



The first thing you have to do is prioritize your spending. If I was able to travel overseas as a single mother paying two mortgages on half a pension, then you can do it to!

Read How a single mother on a pension with two mortgages, afforded an incredible overseas adventure!


What are you spending money on now that you could be putting toward travel? You need to get ruthless if you are serious about it.

Huge pay TV and internet plans, or overseas advenure? These are wants not needs. A small internet plan on your phone which you can hotspot off for essentials such as banking, emails and such will save you big bucks. TV is mind numbing brain washing anyway, you’re better off getting out in nature or planning your next trip.

Large fancy vehicle and large fancy repayments? Let’s be brutally honest. If you can get over your ego and how you look to other people, a cheap reliable runabout will get you where you need to go and save you a small fortune.

The latest iphone/ ipad/ laptop, or a cheapie that will get you by for now? Sure, new technology is way more fun than an old house brick, but seeing the world is priceless. Which do you want more?

Mortgage/renting a massive house with a massive weekly outlay? How badly do you want to travel? Could you get by in a smaller home, rent with friends or take in a border? Perhaps you could rent out your garage or shed, or even move in there yourself and rent out the main house. Check out the growing trend of ‘tiny homes’ on Pinterest. Some of these homes are really cute!! Ask yourself why you need such a big home. Most of the time the reason is to house all of your ‘stuff’.

How much stuff do you need, anyway? What could you sell to put money aside for an adventure? Downsizing while making money = winning! When it comes time to hit the road (or sky) you’ll have minimal stuff ti get rid of.

Get into the habit of questioning yourself each time you whip out the credit card:

Buy lunch, or bring a sandwich and save the money for an overseas adventure?

Coffee with friends? Or go for a walk together and save the money for an overseas adventure?

Get the dog professionally clipped? Or make do with a home job and save the money for an overseas adventure?

Expensive clothing? Or make do with what you have, swap with friends, go op-shop hunting, and save the money for an overseas adventure? (I’m more hobo than boho, so this one’s a no brainer for me lol!)

Seriously, every cent helps. I am currently researching our next trip to Vietnam. Our budget is super tight this time around, and my decisions at home have a huge impact on our impending adventure. One cup of coffee can literally buy a nights accommodation in a clean establishment for three of us in some places.

So how do you actually afford to travel?

This is the burning question, and it comes down to what works for you. Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. The internet is full of ideas on how to travel on a budget so I won’t go too deep on that topic here. Perhaps you aren’t ready to leave your job for good, or maybe you’re one of the lucky few who loves their work. You might like to travel for 3 months of the year and work in your current job for the remainder. Or maybe you want to leave it all behind and hit the road indefinitely. You may have savings, or you may only be able to scrape together enough for a one-way ticket. The point is that anyone can just up and leave, if they want to badly enough.

*Insider tip.. the world will not end if you quit your job.

The experience you gain while overseas far, far outweighs having to find a new job if and when you return. Humans are resilient creatures. You won’t starve, another job will come your way and it will probably be better than the one you have now. Your perspective on life will be different and so will what you expect from your work.

You may be able to take your work with you. Lots of companies now allow for work to be completed remotely. A new lifestyle of adventure travel may require a new approach to work, and there are more opportunities than ever before to be able to earn a living on the road.

Here are just a few examples:

Travel blogger (!)


web design/graphic design

seasonal picking

seasonal bar/restaurant work

hostel staff

boat crew

teach English abroad

You may have to live on very little while you teach yourself one of these new skills (as I have had to do). In the end it’s a choice and in my opinion, totally worth it! Do you choose to stay where you are, doing what you are doing, not really happy or satisfied? Or do you find the courage to break out of what society (and possibly your friends & family) say you ‘should’ do?


Now that you have some food for thought on finances, let’s talk about fear. Many people, although they wouldn’t admit it, are terrified of travelling to unknown places. What if there is terrorist activity? What if you get kidnapped, raped, murdered? What if you run out of money or your passport gets stolen? What if you don’t have a job, or, can’t find work when you get back? These are all valid points, but they have been blown way out of proportion and I hold the media solely responsible. Drama and fear sell. It’s always been that way.

The truth is that most places are as safe if not safer than where you currently reside. True, I would probably delay the trip to Syria for a while but honestly take it from me, the vast majority of places invite and welcome visitors to their country. I was reading this great article recently about an amazing woman who had always dreamed of travelling the silk road through the middle east, but nobody would go with her out of fear. So she decided to go by herself, and had the most incredible adventure. The locals couldn’t do enough to welcome and help her. She stayed away from the ‘hot’ zones, had an absolute ball and not once did she feel unsafe.

I am from Australia and my first overseas trip was to Nepal, also as a solo female traveler. Talk about jumping in the deep end! But if you use common sense and listen to your instinct, you will be fine. These are the safety rules which I live by when travelling, and they have held me in good stead.


-In any city you should take normal common sense precautions. Don’t flash valuables around, keep your passport, travel documents, cash and cards on your body and out of sight. Be aware of pickpockets and never let your bags out of your sight or reach.

-Don’t commit to anything. You will be haggled and hounded, pressured into this great car hire deal or that whiz-bang pashmina you should buy. Be polite, smile and say that you’ll think about it and walk away if it doesn’t feel right. When you commit to something out of fear of being rude, you could wind up in a dangerous situaton or more commonly, get ripped off.

-Depending on where you are, it’s not always safe to go out at night alone. If you are going somewhere after dark always stay in well lit areas where there are plenty of people about.

-Drinking or taking drugs while solo traveling in an unfamiliar place is a recipe for disaster. Being under the influence leaves you open to being drugged, raped or worse. Your senses are blurred and you’re not aware of potential warning signs. Be extremely cautious in areas where drug & alcohol use has different penalties to your home country. Also be aware that the ‘law’ in some countries is open to interpritation. Do not presume that you are innocent until proven guilty.


-know where you are at all times. Have a hard copy of a map in case your phone fails.

-know where and how to get to your nearest embassy.

-Know where to go incase of illness or drugging.

-Know local customs and laws. In some countries it is illegal to wear a bikini and doing so could land you in prison. Worth researching before you go.

Be polite and courteous, amd respect local traditions and culture. If the locals aren’t wearing singlets or short shorts, I wouldnt either. You don’t want to draw unwanted attention and make yourself a target for harassment.

These precautions sound scary but most scenarios will never eventuate if you keep your wits about you and use common sense.

In fact the vast majority of time you will find the opposite to be true. Locals will welcome you with open arms and listen, fascinated about your way of life. They will invite you into their homes and hearts and genuinely look after you. You will learn about a new culture and be amazed at all of the different aspects of daily life.

The nature will blow you away. Different trees, animals, birds and insects, different stars in the night sky. And the landscapes of a foreign land will thrill and delight you. Imagine waking up in some African country to see giraffes gracefully strolling by. You will be the envy of all your friends who are still stuck in their programmed life and way of thinking, and you will be out living your life to the absolute fullest!

The truth is, the only thing holding you back are the excuses you tell yourself. There is no magic amount of money , no ‘ideal’ time to travel. This is YOUR life. If travel and adventure are what you want then grab life by the balls and go get it!

I believe in you.

Dust X

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