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Dust williams

Hey you gorgeous thang! A very warm welcome to WanderlustDust. I’m Dust, and the hottie beside me up there is my sweet husband Jack.

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Would you love to be one of those people who lives in a tiny home on wheels and travels full time?

We teach adventurers like you how to downsize and enjoy a minimalist life on the road. Here you’ll find loads of information and ideas for simple, stress-free and often cost-free living while still being super-comfortable in a tiny home on wheels, leaving excess money for the things you really want to do. (Did someone say Travel???) From how to find mobile work perfect for a nomadic life, to free heating and cooling hacks for your home, minimalist cooking, cleaning, storage ideas, the benefits of being closer to nature, treading lightly on our precious Earth, downsizing information and how to actually make the leap to the life you yearn for, and much much more!

Though we grew up on opposite sides of the globe, both Jack & I spent a lot of time on the road as kids. We both loved the idea of a simplified, minimalist, nomadic lifestyle. A few years ago, fed up with how¬†society tells us we should live we decided to make some major changes. We sold up and packed up into a 40ft bus with our three boys, got rid of all but the bare essentials and hit the road. No mortgage. No council rates. No rent. No electricity bills. No stress. Now that we know what we know, we will never go back to a ‘normal’ life again. (Whatever that is haha!)

tiny home on wheels

Everywhere we go, we meet amazing humans who are fascinated that we live in a bus. So many tell us they’d love to do the same, but they always have an excuse. The truth is, they’re scared of the unknown. How will I afford it? How can I find work on the road? What will I do with all my ‘stuff’? What if my vehicle breaks down? Perhaps you feel the same.

Stuck in a soul-sapping job that doesn’t value you, working for peanuts with bills coming out of your ears and a to-do list longer than Santa’s naughty list, you reaaaally want out but simply can’t see how. We started this blog to show you that downsizing your life into a Tiny Home on Wheels is not difficult or scary, and the rewards are so, SO worth it!

Have you checked out our new e-book, ‘How to downsize into a tiny home in 2 weeks with ZERO stress’? It’s a great place to begin if you’re feeling overwhelmed. It has simple daily action steps to take you from clutter and chaos to organised and ready to move into your tiny home on wheels. It also includes a bonus chapter about the most important resource when living in a THOW.

tiny home on wheels

What I love most about minimalist bus-life:

Nature. It’s seriously the best feeling to wake up in the beautiful mountains or at a beach with the waves crashing just outside your window in your own clean, comfortable bed! I love the birds in the morning. I love watching thunderstorms up close and personal while being warm and dry inside.

I also love having a tiny space to keep clean. I love minimalism and finding ways to make do with what you already have. It’s like a personal challenge and can really be a lot of fun.

You can see more of our adventures on Facebook, and we are also hang out on Pinterest a lot.

Join us as we share with you how to declutter, hit the road and truly live!

Subscribe to WanderlustDust and receive your free PDF printable:
’50+ Remote work ideas for the road-life minimalist nomad.’
Get the newsletter you’ll actually look forward to & instant access to the PDF here:

What are your biggest fears about downsizing? We’d love to hear from you.
Here’s wishing you a simplified, adventurous and happy future : )

Dust. xx